The LINK Initiative does exactly what it says on the tin: it links medical students interested in research with academics interested in mentoring. This novel student-led project aims to widen access to research for medical students alongside their studies.

A LINK project is a short, focussed piece of research that provides a taster of academic medicine not usually available to students outside of Intercalated BSc or standalone research projects during summer holidays.

Our projects range from lab-based basic science research, hospital-based clinical research with patient contact, as well as audit and desktop data projects. They can vary from an afternoon every other week to whole day commitments or even full-time summer projects.

A LINK project offers the opportunity to experience research, boost your CV, learn some new skills, even attend a conference or get published, without the time and financial considerations of a full Intercalated BSc.

Interested? Have a look at our projects page to see what's being offered this cycle. If you're convinced, apply here or if you still have questions, read our FAQ. Happy shopping!


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