Research and audit opportunities near you

Check out our available projects by browsing the project list. Pay careful attention to the project requirements. Some may ask for a knowledge of certain skills.

Typically, we offer projects in an Autumn cycle around early October and a Spring cycle in late February.

Submit your application in a few clicks

Complete our online form outlining which specific project you're interested in and why. Any experience is useful, but the key is to show knowledge of the project and enthusiasm.

If you're unsure about a specific project, but want to participate, consider submitting an open application. 

Wait for a supervisor to contact you

Once you've submitted your application, we send it directly to the project supervisor. They will then review from the list of applicants and decide. Supervisors will then contact you directly to arrange a first meet up to discuss the project aims and work schedule.

Some supervisors may ask for an informal interview first. Don't worry! This is all good practice for future jobs.