Robert Grant - Chair

Hi everyone! After one year on the committee as joint LINK co-ordinator I am now pleased to be stepping into the role as chair of LUMRS. We hope to build on the great work of last years committee to continue the promotion of medical research. We have been successful over the years linking students with researchers at UoL in addition to organising inspiring talks.

Before medicine I studied chemistry in the US. I have been involved in a few projects, most recently looking at cardiovascular disease risk prediction in CKD. Please contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Vanessa Rodwell - Vice Chair & Link Co-ordinator

Eva Horvath-Papp - Treasurer

A LUMRS veteran, but in my final year I can't keep away! LUMRS has done so much over the years, giving students the opportunity to not only get involved in research but also to present their work. We hope to continue to offer you a great service over the coming years.

SPARKS Bulletin Coordinator

Susil Pallikavadath - AFP representative

I am passionate about academic medicine and pursuing interest in the AFP program amongst my own and future cohorts. I am keen to widen participation and importantly and improve application success rates. I will do this through early exposure to research to early years and an alumni scheme whereby current applicants can contact previous successful applicants correlated by both geography and interest. Thanks.

Zarva Shahid - Webmaster

Hi, I am Zarva, very new to LUMRS as a committee member. My role will be the webmaster for the year and I am very excited to finally put my computing skills to some use. I will try my best to make the website easy to navigate and pleasant to use. I am looking forward to learning from my colleagues and expanding my knowledge and skills.

Harry Dudson - SPARKS Co-ordinator

James Brosnan - SPARKS Co-ordinator

Hey! I'm James and I'm very excited to be on the committee this year. I developed a taste for research during my previous degree and am currently involved in LINK project too. I hope to attract some very interesting researchers to come in and deliver talks over the course of the year, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be delighted to hear from you.