Welcome, researchers!

Are you interested in research or would like to find out more about the latest, cutting-edge developments in medicine? Then the Leicester University Medical Research Society (LUMRS) is for you! We offer numerous ways for students to get involved in medical research.

Our award-winning LINK initiative allows students to conduct smaller research projects alongside their regular studies by linking them with researchers and academics at UHL and the University.

Our SPARKS talks are held throughout each term and showcase the latest research from current medical students, as well as senior speakers who are leaders in their field.

The INSPIRE National Medical Student Research Conference, is an annual platform for medical students to demonstrate their own achievements in research, and this year, we will be hosting this event. The conference was previously for medical students attending at Leicester, Nottingham and East Anglia Medical Schools, but for the first time, we are opening up to students from all parts of the country.

As part of the INSPIRE project, we are funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Wellcome Trust, which allows us to fund Leicester students to attend conferences nationally and internationally to present their research.

If you have done any research before, no matter how small or large the project, we would love to hear from you! Submissions for our next issue of SPARKS Magazineproject are open now.

We are open to students with an interest in research at any level – whether you want to come along and learn something new for the first time or whether you have significant research experience from a previous degree – all are welcome.

Membership is free and all our events are generously catered with free food and drink (lots of wine!), so why not come along to one of our events and give us a try? Find out more on our Facebook page!